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A Kentucky group of concerned individuals
working to eliminate barriers to recovery from addiction

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After four years of work, we are finally able to share the results of the “What Is Recovery?” study that we have been writing to you about over the years.
We had to wait until the main paper from the study had appeared in press. This happened last week!
Based on the results of the online survey completed by 9,341 people from different pathways to recovery, we now have a very specific definition of recovery—and it is one that clearly demonstrates the many positive “ways of being” that define recovery. more

Bouncing back: Georgetown College point guard once a top recruit before addiction derailed plans
To start an interview, you ask Noah Cottrill to describe his life's journey. An expression of self-awareness appears on his face. He seems to be asking himself: Where to start? His long exhale can easily be heard. more

California Voters Deal Blow To Prisons, Drug War
California approved a major shift against mass incarceration on Tuesday in a vote that could lead to the release of thousands of state prisoners. more

The New Heroin Epidemic
Ten years ago, prescription painkiller dependence swept rural America. As the government cracked down on doctors and drug companies, people went searching for a cheaper, more accessible high. Now, many areas are struggling with an unprecedented heroin crisis. more

Advocacy Group Calls for Resignation of FDA Commissioner Over Opioid-Product Approvals
Fed Up!, a coalition of consumer-advocacy organizations, grabbed national headlines with a rally on Capitol Hill on Sept. 28, to pressure FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, MD, to step down. more

Why Addiction Is So Powerful?
Recovering from addiction is not as simple as turning off a light switch.  For many people, dependency on alcohol, drugs, or anything else has the power to become more important than life itself.  more

Dear member or affiliate of PAR,

We are conducting a research study about Kentucky community stakeholder knowledge of overdose, the overdose medication naloxone (also called Narcan), and willingness to assist in an overdose. You are being asked to participate because you are a member or affiliate of the group People Advocating Recovery.

This survey will take approximately 3-10 minutes.

You may open the survey in your web browser by clicking the link below or copying and pasting it:

If you have any questions, please contact Amanda Fallin, PhD, RN at 859-317-3621 or

Mike Barry
CEO-People Advocating Recovery

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