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Save the Date
Recovery Rally
September 10, 2016
Noon-2:30 PM
Enjoy live music, family friendly activities, recovery stories, appetizers, and more!
Muhammad Ali Center Plaza 144 N. 6th St., Louisville, KY
Stay tuned for more details.

Little-used law 'saves' heroin addict's life
Rusty and Michelle Collinsworth believe that Casey's Law helped them to get their daughter Lindsey the treatment she needed to combat her addiction, likely saving her life.  Lindsey Collinsworth, a Catholic high school graduate eyeing a career in law enforcement, barely knew the man who dragged her limp body outside her apartment, leaving her in a stairwell near death. more

UK students start recovery program for addicts, hope to open sober residence hall
It's a new school year and for the thousands of students filling the University of Kentucky's campus that means crowded parking lots and classrooms. For Phil Johnson, it's a reminder of his sobriety. "I have so much gratitude for where I am today," Johnson said. Johnson, a chemical engineering major, says he's been getting ready for the school year all summer. He says the last time he was at UK, his visits to class weren't as frequent as his visits to parties. more

Legalized pot is making America’s lower class poorer and less responsible
Pot for the poor! That could be the new slogan of marijuana legalization advocates. In 1996, California became the first state to legalize the use of medical marijuana. There are now 25 states that permit the use of marijuana, including four as well as the District of Columbia that permit it for purely recreational use. more

5 charged after rash of heroin overdoses in Southern Indiana
In just a matter of hours, law enforcement agencies responded to 14 drug overdoses across two Southern Indiana counties. One woman died and now five people have been charged. more

Cincinnati responds to 30 heroin overdoses in one day
Officials said most of the overdoses were located in the west side of Cincinnati. The Cincinnati Police Department said in a statement Tuesday evening they were not sure of the exact cause of the increase yet. They warned anyone who may be using dangerous drugs to be aware of the increased danger. more

Heroin antidote without prescription at Kroger
Tim McGurk, public affairs manager for the chain's Louisville Division, told the Courier-Journal Monday that all area pharmacies can now dispense naloxone [pronounced nah-lox-own], which can quickly restore breathing after an overdose of heroin, more

Effort to crack down on heroin dealers showing results, prosecutor says
An effort to get long federal prison sentences for drug dealers whose illegal sales kill or injure people is showing results as abuse of heroin gets worse in Kentucky, according to authorities. more

Fears grow as heroin seeps into Appalachia
Growing up in the hardscrabble hills of Appalachia, Bobby Vaughn began popping painkillers at 15-years-old, sneaking them from his injured coal miner dad. That was the start of a three-decade-long addiction to any drug available: OxyContin, cocaine, meth – and beginning a year ago, heroin. more

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