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There's a new group of people coming together to help fight the local heroin epidemic.
It's made up of medical professionals, recovering addicts and law enforcement. The group is called “People Advocating Recovery of Southwest Ohio.
It's made up of medical professionals, recovering addicts and law enforcement. The group is called “People Advocating Recovery of Southwest Ohio.” more

The most hopeful thing about addiction is the chance of recovery
It finally happened: Hell has frozen over. This month, I celebrated one year free of narcotics. Some of you will just grimace and move on to the next column, but for those of you who have stopped me in the store, on the street and approached me at my work, I know this means something to you as well. more

Former Celtic speaks at Waltham High about addiction struggle
On Jan. 7, recovering addict and former Boston Celtics player Chris Herren spoke to Waltham High School through two assemblies, where he told his heroic story of his struggle with drug addiction and fame. more

Half of Young Drivers Who Die in Crashes Used Alcohol, Marijuana or Both
Researchers examined the deaths of nearly 7,200 drivers, aged 16-25, in crashes that occurred between 1999 and 2011 in California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Washington state and West Virginia. more

Case of bishop opens addiction debate

The case of a high-ranking Episcopal bishop charged with drinking and texting before fatally hitting a bicyclist has raised questions about everything from church politics to bike lanes. But no debate about Bishop Heather Cook has been as intense as that about the theology of addiction. more

Donnelly invites addiction recovery leader to Obama speech
Sen. Joe Donnelly, D-Ind., said his guest at President Barack Obama's State of the Union speech on Tuesday night will be the director of an addiction recovery center in Connersville. more

Kentucky Senate panel approves anti-heroin bill after emotional testimony
The Kentucky Senate is expected to vote Thursday on a bill that would require tougher mandatory prison sentences for heroin traffickers while diverting millions of dollars to expand treatment options for heroin addicts. more

State to pay for kits with life-saving drug for heroin overdose patients at three urban hospitals
Kentucky will provide $105,000 for three urban hospitals, including the University of Kentucky's in Lexington, to buy about 2,000 naloxone kits to send home with heroin overdose patients, Gov. Steve Beshear said Tuesday. more

Kentucky House speaker to file medical marijuana bill
Democratic House Speaker Greg Stumbo said he will file a bill that would make it legal for people to smoke marijuana in Kentucky for medical purposes. more

Court boundaries, felon voting top 2015 agenda
Redrawing state court circuit boundaries and voting rights for felons could be near the top of the agenda for the committees that deal with political issues when the Kentucky General Assembly convenes. more

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