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Trump Says He Will Focus On Opioid Law Enforcement, Not Treatment
More than three months after President Trump declared the nation's opioid crisis a public health emergency, activists and health care providers say they're still waiting for some other action. The Trump administration quietly renewed the declaration recently. But it has given no signs it's developing a comprehensive strategy to address an epidemic that claims more than 115 lives every day. The president now says that to combat opioids, he's focused on enforcement, not treatment. more

Website to help in Kentucky's fight against opioid abuse
State officials have announced an online tool to join Kentucky's fight against opioid drug abuse. Gov. Matt Bevin's administration says the website - - allows people to search in real-time for a local substance use disorder treatment center. The new tool will be promoted as part of the governor's "Don't Let Them Die" campaign, which seeks to bring awareness to the opioid crisis. more

Meth, the Forgotten Killer, Is Back. And It’s Everywhere.
PORTLAND, Ore. — They huddled against the biting wind, pacing from one corner to another hoping to score heroin or pills. But a different drug was far more likely to be on offer outside the train station downtown, where homeless drug users live in tents pitched on the sidewalk.
“Everybody has meth around here — everybody,” said Sean, a 27-year-old heroin user who hangs out downtown and gave only his first name. “It’s the easiest to find.” more
Opioid crisis costs about to skyrocket, health economy group warns
The opioid crisis in the United States has cost the economy $1 trillion since 2001, and things do not look like they will get better any time soon. more

This Blistering Report Shows That Opioid Makers Funneled Millions to Patient Advocacy Groups
“This is part of how the game works: You have people speaking on your behalf but it’s not clear that they are.”
Opioid manufacturers funneled nearly $9 million to leading pain treatment advocacy organizations and industry groups that in turn promoted the painkillers, according to a report released Monday by Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) as part of an ongoing investigation into opioid makers. more

Drug Industry Wages Opioid Fight Using an Anti-Addiction Ally
As Minnesota lawmakers prepared to push a proposed tax on opioid sales in November, the pharmaceutical industry lobbyists who opposed the bill set up a meeting with its sponsors, and they brought an unusual guest: Jessica Hulsey Nickel, a prominent anti-addiction advocate in Washington. more

Kentucky Overdose Prevention & Education
Get Trained and Equip Yourself to Save a Life! Overdose Prevention and Response Training - With FREE NARCAN
In Depth Look at Casey’s Law - This law provides a means of intervening with someone who is unable to recognize the need for treatment due to their impairment.
The Language of Recovery - How we speak about addiction and recovery matters. Learn how to communicate effectively without furthering the shame or discrimination associated with addiction related issues.
February 17, 2018 2:00-5:00 PM
22045 MAIN ST
#514 3RD FLOOR
HYDEN, KY. 41749

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